Our Story

Entrepreneurs worldwide are creating social enterprises that promise to transform their communities. But many innovative early-stage companies encounter difficulty in getting off the ground, unable to access funding, find their customer base or attract the right talent.

Streams Capital was formed in 2014 with a vision to provide capital, networks and a hands-on partnership to enable budding pioneers of social change to grow to scale.


Investment Approach

Streams Capital invests in entrepreneurs with an existing business or a proven idea for providing essential services or employment to disadvantaged communities.

We believe that social impact and profitability are mutually reinforcing, since businesses have the potential to solve social problems sustainably and at large scale. While social impact is the primary aim, we look for business models that operate in attractive markets, demonstrate a competitive advantage and have the potential to grow profitably.

We are active investors who partner with management teams in strategy development, operations, marketing and financial management. Our investment professionals have significant commercial experience accumulated through roles in management consulting, investment banking and private equity.